The Amazing Power of Branding

We have heard the word “Branding” and how a company should have a “brand,” or it should be “branded.”

But very few business owners really understand this concept. Because it in fact goes beyond a “logo” and the name of the business.

Branding is the most key factor of businesses that succeed even in bad times.

While we cannot cover the full subject of branding in this newsletter, it is our suggestion for you to fully understand what this encompasses and how to use this to leverage your company’s expansion.

So, what is branding exactly? Unfortunately, most dictionaries will give you a very small definition which omits the most important part of branding.

Branding: “Is the marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from the other products and services in its field. Branding is the impression from the client’s or customer’s perspective of who you are and what you stand for: it includes your company values and culture.”

People choose a service or buy a product because of an emotional response. If your branding aligns with their views their will emotionally chose you over others.

Think of this as an example:

This is not just a logo, it has significance which creates an emotional response. This is probably why, you get an iPhone every year or two.

Whether you are an Apple customer or PC customer, you have a significance attached to this symbol.

Perhaps this is why you might want to consider hiring branding experts over “logo designers.”

Branding creates a memorable impression on customers, and it allows them to know who you are and what to expect from your company.

We hope this information helps with the expansion of your company.

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